In Common: Pecha Kucha on Community, February 16th 2015

In Common: Pecha Kucha on Community, February 16th 2015 from Emily Carr University on Vimeo.

In Common: Pecha Kucha on Community, features exploratory and inspiring 8-minute presentations from Randy Lee Cutler, Ingrid Koenig, Mimi Gellman, Glen Lowry, Kate Armstrong, Haig Armen, and Hannah Jickling & Hannah Reed. The presentations aim to help us unpack, trouble, and nuance the idea of community and the ways in which it is cultivated and experienced at Emily Carr.

In the Spring of 2015, the focus of The Commons will be on the ways in which we cultivate, perform, and realize forms of community. Through a series of curated and open-ended events, students, faculty, staff and the wider community will be invited to explore and interrogate key questions around how we think about working, practicing, and acting together (whether assembled and configured by space and affinity, or across disciplinary boundaries and collaborative methods of making and doing) and ultimately encourage an expansion of what we want from and mean by the term community.