TLC ECUPS Student Research Assistants 2018/19

Student Research Assistants that work within the Emily Carr University Production Services (ECUPS) team of the Teaching + Learning Centre, come from a number of disciplines at Emily Carr University. They may be called upon to work on film or photography projects using broadcast cameras, DSLR camera, 360 video and Virtual/Augmented Reality projects or interaction design projects involving web design and development or online publications.

To date, TLC student research assistants have worked on 100’s of film projects, many that can be viewed on the ECUAD Vimeo site at

Below are team members for 2018/19. They gain professional experience in various mediums working on a number of projects both within the university and with the wider local community.

Sarah with DJI Ronin M
Sarah with DJI Ronin M









Sarah Genge is a third-year Film student works for Emily Carr’s Production Team, a team that creates video content for the school. She studies film at Emily Carr University and is most interested in implementing storytelling within new technology’s, as well as combining visual art with film.

Sepideh Yadegar




Sepideh Yadegar is a fourth-year Film student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and she believes that everyone has a story that they want to tell, either about themselves or about others.


Declan J Reilly-Gordon is a third-year Interaction Design student at Emily Carr University from Vancouver, BC. Declan is immersed in the creative space between technology and design and how both are shaping the future in new and impactful ways. Currently, Declan is exploring the unrealized ramifications of emerging technologies from artificial intelligence to mixed reality and how utilizing the methodology of human-centered design can affect the well-being of society.

Evan Aimie Craig is a third-year Interaction Designer student, and Artist. He hails from the Halifax, but has been Vancouver based for the past 10 years. His interests lie in everything sound from musical interfaces to sound design. Through his practice Evan attempts to make the digital physical and the physical digital by means of emerging technology.